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Blue Sodalite Raw & Blue Sodalite Tumbled Stone

Blue Sodalite Raw

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Blue Sodalite Raw

The above mentioned price is for 500g of Blue Sodalite raw, quantity can be upgraded as per requirement.

Sodalite stone is known to have strong vibrations connecting to the qualities of idealism and truth and on larger perspective the truth of life and the patterns behind it. Its strong metaphysical properties help in enhancing and stimulating the creative abilities.

Blue Sodalite is associated with Third eye (Aagya) Chakra and the Throat (Vishudha) Chakra. This makes it an ideal stone for development of intuitive abilities and expressions. It also helps in understanding one true self and life. As a stone of idealism it enhances self discipline and idealism.

Sodalite is also known as an aid to access one’s subconscious and harmonizes one with the higher self. Use a Sodalite stone raw during meditation to attain access to true self and true nature.



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