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Durga Yantra - Brass

Durga Yantra - Brass


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Durga Yantra - Brass

Yantras which are symbols and geometrical designs have been used in eastern mysticism for ages now. They are primarily representation of elemental (Tatva) energy and are used widely for astrological benefits. Yantras which are designed for the specific purpose can be very effective as it corresponds to the respective elemental energy through symbols. Maa Durga the ultimate symbol of feminine power, the driving force of the universe is being worshiped in India for ages. She is known to have nine “Avatars” also known as Nav Durga. Durga Yantra is symbolism of Maa Ambe (Durga) who blesses the devotee with peace, health, prosperity and happiness. This Yantra is used during the sacred period of Nav Raatri and is worshiped on 8th and 9th day. A very powerful Yantra this is also called as protector Yantra and helps deflecting the negative energies away from the devotee. Also being made of brass it represents the elemental energy of earth.



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