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Kyanite Raw & Kyanite Tumbled Stone

Kyanite Raw

Kyanite Tumbled Stone

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Green Kyanite Tumbled Stone


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Kyanite Raw

The mentioned price is for 500 grams of Kaynite raw.

Kyanite is a stone of diverting, changed states, striking dreams, dream review, and representations. It gives assurance amid these states. It brings reliability, genuineness and serenity, and reduces annoyance and disarray. Kyanite does not hold negative vitality and never needs vigorous purifying. It does adjust and adjust all chakras, regularly all of a sudden. Kyanite can evacuate vitality blockages.

Blue kyanite is connected with the throat chakra and is a help to reflection. It is once in a while called Sappore, Blue Talc, or the "Stumbling" stone



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