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Sunstone Pair Of Duck Natural Gemstone Original Stone

Sunstone Pair Of Duck Natural Gemstone Original Stone


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Sunstone Pair Of Duck Natural Gemstone Original Stone

This listing is for only one Pair of duck.............. Height - 1.5 inch............. Weight - 214gm................ Free Set Of 3 Lapis Lazuli Pyramid................. Pair of ducks is a representation of relationship in true sense, being individual and separate but still connected and being together is true sense of love. Ducks have always been a dipiction of love and tenderness. Keeping a pair of ducks beings harmony and joy in one's life and relationships alongwith acceptance to universal and unconditional love......................... Sunstone due to its quality is also known as a barrier and filter crystal. Where barrier protects a seeker against unwanted and negative energies, filter helps in providing clarity and stabilizing one’s thought process and awakening the sense of oneness with the cosmos. The Orange color of sunstone produces the natural birthstone color of those born under zodiac of LEO, VIRGO. Considered to be associated with Sacral (Swadhisthan) Chakra, sunstone represents the energy of this chakra and is used for healing stomach and abdomen related ailments. Sunstone represents fire energy and denotes energy of warmth, brightness, illumination. It should be used as an accent and accessory. Sunstone should be used in rooms where energy is focused on activity. The best areas for sunstone pyramids are North, Northeast, South and Southwest. Some call Sunstone as "Stone of Magic" and is believed to enhance one’s power to connect with higher self and awaken clairvoyance, telepathy and prophecy.



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